File: pfc_n_cst_dirattrib.sru
Size: 1092
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:29:03 +0100
$PBExportComments$PFC DIR attributes (used by the File services)
global type pfc_n_cst_dirattrib from n_cst_baseattrib
end type
end forward

global type pfc_n_cst_dirattrib from n_cst_baseattrib autoinstantiate
end type

type variables
// FileName is long file name where supported
String   is_FileName

// Last write Date and Time
Date  id_LastWriteDate
Time  it_LastWriteTime

// File size
Double   idb_FileSize

// Attributes
Boolean  ib_ReadOnly
Boolean  ib_Hidden
Boolean  ib_System
Boolean  ib_Subdirectory
Boolean  ib_Archive
Boolean  ib_Drive

// The following attributes are used ONLY by the Win32 version
// of the File Services
// AltFileName is the 8.3 name where long file names are supported
String   is_AltFileName

// Creation Date and Time
Date  id_CreationDate
Time  it_CreationTime

// Last access Date
Date  id_LastAccessDate

end variables

on pfc_n_cst_dirattrib.create
TriggerEvent( this, "constructor" )
end on

on pfc_n_cst_dirattrib.destroy
TriggerEvent( this, "destructor" )
end on

  • n_cst_baseattrib autoinstantiate pfc_n_cst_dirattrib(sru)